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July 25, 2016

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2016 Workshop: Legitimate unauthorized uses of copyrighted materials in research and post-secondary education PDFPDF (1.47MB) Dr. Meera Nair
2014 Imagining Canada's Future in Ontario: Insights from Wilfrid Laurier University PDFPDF (526k) Elin Edwards
2014 Research and the Digital Humanities PDFPDF (282k) Elin Edwards
2013 Office of Research Services Roles & Responsibilities PDFPDF (129k) Elin Edwards
2013 Research Compliance PDFPDF (265k) Paul Barnard, Una Glisic
2013 Grantwriting Tips PDFPDF (44k) Elin Edwards
2013 NSERC USRA workshop ExternalExternal Charity Parr-Vasquez
2010 Research Ownership Rights in Working with Students ExternalExternal Elin Edwards, Yaser Kerachian
2007 Research Contract Model ExternalExternal Office of Research Services
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