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March 2, 2015
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Social Innovation Research Group (SIRG)

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2015 Everyday: Freedom from Gendered Violence PDF PDF (494k) Jen Gordon
2011 MOU University Gaston-Berger Senegal, West Africa PDF PDF (417k) Dr. Lamine Diallo, Dr. Ginette Lafreniere
2011 Perceptions of Discrimination in Health Services Experienced By Immigrant Minorities in Ontario PDF PDF (203k) Grace Pollock, Bruce Newbold, Ginette Lafreniere, Sarah Edge
2010 “Now We Have Horns” An Evaluation of a Sexual Health Promotion Project for Newcomer Women in the Region of Waterloo RTF RTF (3.07MB) Ginette Lafreničre, Shannon Balla, Jennifer Gordon
2010 Child Witness Program Effective Practices Project: Central West Region of Ontario PDF PDF (364k) Shannon Balla, Ginette Lafreniere, Shaneika Bailey
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