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March 27, 2015

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Faculty of Science

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2015 Dean's Honour Roll 2013-2014 PDFPDF (1015k) P. Belland
2014 Faculty of Science Guidelines for Deferred Final Examination Requests made on Medical Grounds PDFPDF (20k) C. Loomis
2014 Final Deferred Examination Request Form: Other PDFPDF (44k) M.Coulter/P.Belland
2014 Deferred Final Examination FAQs PDFPDF (100k) M. Coulter
2014 Loris Information / Troubleshooting PDFPDF (55k) M. Coulter
2014 Dean's Honour Roll: 2012-2013 PDFPDF (224k) P. Belland
2013 Academic Orientation for First Year Students PDFPDF (7.79MB) C. Loomis
2013 Dean's Honour Roll 2011-2012 PDFPDF (211k) P. Belland
2012 Dean's Honour Roll: 2010-2011 PDFPDF (4.52MB) J. Haas
2012 Adjunct Faculty Policy PDFPDF (78k) VPA
2012 Science Divisional Council: Membership and Rules for Quorum PDFPDF (31k) J. Haas
2011 Instructional Assistants Duties and Rates of Pay PDFPDF (40k) J. Haas
2011 Sabbatical Leave: Article 17 PDFPDF (30k) J. Haas
2011 Metro Toronto Convention Centre Map PDFPDF (119k) J. Haas
2011 Expense Guidelines for Academic Reviews PDFPDF (7k) VPA Office
2011 Pcard Procedures Manual PDFPDF (227k) J. Haas
2011 Full-Time Faculty Collective Agreement: 2011-2014 PDFPDF (1.05MB) J. Haas
2011 Loading Course Materials to Web Site PDFPDF (477k) Melanie More-Duckworth & Rick Henderson
2011 Deadlines & Key Events for Faculty & Staff: 2014-2015 XLSXLS (72k) J. Haas
2011 Dean's Honour Roll: 2009-2010 PDFPDF (67k) J. Haas
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View all Faculty of Science documents