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April 16, 2014
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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2006 Surprise Notes on the Web-A Professor's Dilemma (A&B)  Can't determine type T.F. Cawsey, R.G. Stevens
2006 Thorn in the Elephant's Side: The Seattle Mennonite Church vs. Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., The  Can't determine type David E. Ortman, Howard D. Feldman, Asbjorn Osland
2006 Unocal and the Yadana Gas Pipeline Project  Can't determine type Anne T. Lawrence, Howard Tolley, Jr.
2006 Vicki Collins: Mentorship or Sexual Harassment? (A&B)  Can't determine type Mary Ann Watson, Bradley R. Eckert
2006 Yahoo!, Hate Groups, Censorship and the Internet  Can't determine type Susanna Monseau
2006 Office Mart, Inc.  Can't determine type Thomas R. Miller, Linda Ferrell
2006 Plagiarism or Innovation?: Doing Research at the On-Line Library (A), (B), (C)  Can't determine type Michael F. Welsh
2006 Professional Exchange Service Organization (PESO)  Can't determine type Jan Zahrly
2006 Simple Mistake or Crisis?: A University Newspaper Meets the Committe for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) (A,B,C)  Can't determine type Jamie R. Hendry, Peter Van Emburgh
2006 Gustavson Farm, The  Can't determine type David M. Noetzel; Melvin J. Stanford
2006 Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: RU 486  Can't determine type Jan Willem Bol, David W. Rosenthal
2006 I'm from the Government-And I'm Here to Help You  Can't determine type Karl Borden, Jim Cooper
2006 Iran-Contra Affair: "Will No One Rid Me of This Troublesome Priest?", The (A&B)  Can't determine type Steven J. Maranville
2006 It May Be Legal, But It's Just Wrong!  Can't determine type Thomas R. Miller
2006 Johns-Manville and Riverwood-Schuller  Can't determine type Arthur Sharplin
2006 Johnson Controls and Protective Exclusion from the Workplace (A&B)  Can't determine type Anne T. Lawrence
2006 Karen's on her Mind  Can't determine type Roland B. Cousins, Linda E. Benitz
2006 Key Decision, A  Can't determine type Steven M. Meltzer, John Melnyk
2006 Managing Sexual Harassment at Coors (A), (B)  Can't determine type Deanna L. Wittmer, Dennis P. Wittmer
2006 Manville Corporation, The  Can't determine type Not listed
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View all Case Publications documents