(For more detail about OSAP, please consult the Student Awards Office.)

If you have received OSAP loans previously, you must complete a confirmation of enrolment through the Student Awards Office for each of your academic years; both the study terms and the work terms.

You complete one automatically with each loan released to you from the Student Awards Office. If you do not re-apply for a loan, or if you receive a "NIL" OSAP assessment, you must submit the confirmation form annually so that you are not required to begin repayment on your loan.

The confirmation of enrolment form can only be completed once the term has started and your full registration is complete.

The Student Awards Office enters the information from the confirmation form on-line to the Ministry’s database and it is downloaded to the National Student Loan Service Centre and the applicable financial institution.

This is particularly important for co-op students so that you are registered as students while on work terms. You may not submit the form retroactively.

Going on an extended work term?

If you accept a work term lasting eight months or longer, and you receive funds through OSAP, please contact the Student Awards Office. You may be required to complete a Continuation of Interest-Free Status form.

Normally, only students in Business, MABE, Master of Finance or MBA Co-op or PEP are eligible to pursue extended co-op work terms.


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