Wilfrid Laurier University Graduate Calendar - 2009/2010
Canadian Excellence

Global Governance

The world faces increasingly complex problems that have taken on global significance - including conflict and peace-building, humanitarian crises and intervention, international economic inequality and instability, and global environmental change. How are these problems addressed at the global level? And are the mechanisms adopted to address them effective and just? The PhD in Global Governance, offered by the Faculty of Arts and the School of Business and Economics, jointly with the University of Waterloo, provides an interdisciplinary graduate-level opportunity to examine these pressing questions.


Participating Graduate Faculty
  • Derek Armitage?, PhD (Waterloo), Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Gavin Brockett?, PhD (Chicago), Assistant Professor of History
  • Andrea Brown, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Blaine Chiasson?, PhD (Toronto), Assistant Professor of History
  • Mitali De?, PhD (Waterloo), Professor of Business
  • Alistair Edgar, PhD (Queen's), Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Boye Ejobowah, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor of Global Studies
  • Azim Essaji, PhD (Toronto), Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Leonard Friesen?, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor of History and Global Studies
  • Patricia Goff?, PhD (Northwestern), Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Jeff Grischow?, PhD (Queen's), Associate Professor of History
  • Dejan Guzina, PhD (Carleton), Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Derek Hall?, PhD (Cornell), Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Kevin Hanna?, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor of Geography & Environmental Studies
  • Paul Heinbecker, Distinguished CIGI Fellow and Director of the Laurier Centre for Global Relations
  • Jorge Heine?, PhD (Stanford), Professor of Political Science
  • Rhoda Howard-Hassmann?, PhD (McGill), Professor of Global Studies and Political Science; Canada Research Chair
  • David R. Johnson?, PhD (Harvard), Professor of Economics
  • John Laband?, PhD (Natal), Professor of History
  • Darren Mulloy?, PhD (University of East Anglia), Associate Professor of History
  • Andrew Robinson, PhD (Western), Associate Professor (Brantford Campus)
  • Yasmine Shamsie, PhD (York), Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Pierre L. Siklos?, PhD (Carleton), Professor of Economics; WLU Research Professor - 2000
  • Scott Slocombe?, PhD (Waterloo), Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Debora Van Nijnatten, PhD (Queen's), Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Margaret Walton-Roberts, PhD (UBC), Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Randall M. Wigle?, PhD (Western), Professor of Economics
Participating Graduate Faculty - University of Waterloo
  • Carl Bon Tempo, History
  • Gerald Boychuk?, Political Science
  • Gary Bruce?, History
  • John Burbidge?, Economics
  • Lutz-A. Busch?, Economics
  • Jennifer Clapp?, Environment and Resource Studies
  • Andrew Cooper?, Political Science
  • Javier Cuenca?, Economics
  • Lori Curtis?, Economics
  • John R. English?, History
  • Colin Farrelly?, Political Science
  • Daniel Gorman, History / Political Science
  • Kimie Hara?, History / Political Science
  • Geoff Hayes?, History
  • Eric Helleiner?, Political Science
  • Andrew Hunt?, History
  • Ashok Kapur?, Political Science
  • Robert Kerton?, Economics
  • Veronica Kitchen, Political Science
  • Tanya Korovkin?, Political Science
  • Ramesh Kumar?, Economics
  • P. Whitney Lackenbauer, History
  • Jean-Paul Lam, Economics
  • Sonny Lo?, Political Science
  • Heather A. MacDougall?, History
  • Mary Louise McAllister?, Environment and Resource Studies
  • Bessma Momani?, History / Political Science
  • William Moul?, Political Science
  • Bruce Muirhead?, PhD (York)
  • Trien Nguyen?, Economics
  • Brian Orend?, Philosophy
  • Ian Rowlands?, Environment and Resource Studies
  • Alex Statiev, History / Political Science
  • Ramesh Thaukur?, Political Science
  • James Walker?, History
? = this person is eligible to supervise doctoral students.
Fields of Specialization

  • Global political economy
  • Global environment
  • Conflict and security
  • Global justice and human rights
  • Multilateral institutions and diplomacy
Note on Courses Contained in Graduate Calendar

As far as possible, each program attempts to provide a full range of core courses and electives. However, every course listed in this Calendar is not available in every session or every year.

Students are encouraged to consult the program/department to inquire about course offerings each year.

Course Offerings
Course # Title Credits
GV701 Research Methods 0.5
GV702 Doctoral Seminar 0.5
GV710 Globalization and Global Governance 0.5
GV720 The History of Global Governance 0.5
GV730 Economic Analysis in Global Governance [1] 0.5
GV750 Global Justice 0.5
GV760 Human Rights and Global Governance 0.5
GV770 Language Requirement 0.5
GV780 Directed Study 0.5
GV791 Core Comprehensive Examination 0.0
GV792 Specialization Comprehensive Examination 0.0
GV799 Dissertation 0.0

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Required course replacing IP621