Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2006/2007
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Department of Languages & Literatures

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Minors and Courses:

Department of Languages & Literatures

Full-Time Faculty
Program Information

Course Offerings
Course # Title Credits
GM110 Introductory German I 0.5
GM111 Introductory German II 0.5
GM210 Intermediate German I 0.5
GM211 Intermediate German II 0.5
GM246 German Film 0.5
GM305 Business German: The Company and the Marketplace 0.5
GM306 Business German: Production and International Trade 0.5
GM310 Advanced German I 0.5
GM311 Advanced German II 0.5
GM314 German Cultural Studies 0.5
GM315 Introduction to Literary Genres 0.5
GM320 German Oral Expression through Drama 0.5
GM330 Special Topics in German Cultural Studies 0.5
GM340 Jewish Cultural Expressions in the 20th-Century German-Speaking World [1] 0.5
GM350 Contemporary German Cultural Expression 0.5
GM355 Directed Studies 0.5
GM360 Masterworks of German Literature 0.5
GM371 Practical Translation II 0.5
GM455 Directed Studies 0.5
GM460 Women's Artistic Identity [2] 0.5
GM470 America in German Life and Letters 0.5
GM480 Goethe and His Time 0.5

Senate/Editorial Changes

  1. Reference to Honours and General German deleted - these programs are no longer available.

  2. Reference to honours and general German deleted as these programs are no longer offered.