Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
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Kinesiology & Physical Education

The Honours BA and BSc Kinesiology & Physical Education (KPE) programs have a limited and controlled enrolment. Students wishing these programs must indicate this preference on the initial application to the university. Inquiries from students currently enrolled at Laurier, regarding transfer into these programs, should be made through the Admissions Office.

Honours BSc, Honours BA, General BSc, General BA programs:

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Notes: KP Courses

KP101 through KP119, KP207 and KP212 are quarter-credit (0.25) courses of a half-term duration. Each course consists of a total of four hours per week in the form of lectures, labs, and practical experience. As an introductory course in a specific sports activity, each will provide the fundamental skills, techniques and principles, and, where applicable, the rules and regulations of that activity.

Course Offerings
Course # Title Credits
KP101 Soccer 0.25
KP102 Outdoor Skills 0.25
KP103 Tennis 0.25
KP104 Rugby 0.25
KP105 Squash 0.25
KP106 Basketball 0.25
KP107 Aquatics 0.25
KP108 Yoga 0.25
KP109 Ice Hockey 0.25
KP110 Cross-Country Skiing 0.25
KP111 Gymnastics 0.25
KP112 Physical Fitness 0.25
KP113 Volleyball 0.25
KP114 Badminton 0.25
KP115 Creative Dance 0.25
KP116 Co-operative Games 0.25
KP117 Track and Field 0.25
KP118 Strength Training 0.25
KP119 Wall Climbing 0.25
KP121 Socio-Cultural Aspects of Physical Activity 0.5
KP122 Biodynamic Aspects of Physical Activity 0.5
KP207 Advanced Aquatics 0.25
KP210 Sport Psychology 0.5
KP211 Sociology of Physical Activity 0.5
KP212 Aerobics 0.25
KP216 Sport in Greece and Rome 0.5
KP220 Human Biology - Physiology 0.5
KP223 Functional Human Anatomy 0.5
KP231 Health I 0.5
KP232 Health II 0.5
KP241 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Physical Activity 0.5
KP242 Organization and Administration in Physical Activity and Sport 0.5
KP261 Research Methods I 0.5
KP262 Research Methods II 0.5
KP301 Theory of Coaching Soccer 0.25
KP302 Theory of Coaching Rugby 0.25
KP303 Theory of Coaching Racquet Sports 0.25
KP304 Theory of Officiating 0.25
KP305 Theory of the Martial Arts 0.25
KP306 Theory of Coaching Basketball 0.25
KP307 Theory of Coaching Aquatics 0.25
KP309 Theory of Coaching Ice Hockey 0.25
KP311 Theory of Coaching Gymnastics 0.25
KP313 Theory of Coaching Volleyball 0.25
KP316 Theory of Coaching Football 0.25
KP317 Theory of Coaching Track and Field 0.25
KP318 Theory of Coaching Field Hockey 0.25
KP319 Theory of Coaching Lacrosse 0.25
KP321 Sports Medicine 0.5
KP322 Physiology of Physical Activity 0.5
KP323 Human Growth and Motor Development 0.5
KP324 Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription 0.5
KP332 Human Nutrition in Exercise and Health 0.5
KP340 Special Topics 0.5
KP341 History of Physical Activity and Sport in Canada 0.5
KP342 Directed Studies 0.5
KP351 Biomechanics 0.5
KP361 Motor Learning and Control 0.5
KP371 Introduction to Adapted Physical Activity 0.5
KP410 Advanced Psychology of Physical Activity 0.5
KP411 Advanced Sociology of Physical Activity 0.5
KP412 Behaviour Modification and Physical Activity 0.5
KP420 Sport and the Child 0.5
KP421 Seminar in Athletic Injuries 0.5
KP422 Physiology of Exercise: Muscle, Metabolism and Cellular Physiology 0.5
KP423 Human Cardio-Respiratory Response to Exercise 0.5
KP431 Aging, Physical Activity and Health 0.5
KP434 Epidemiology of Physical Activity and Health 0.5
KP441 The Modern Olympic Games 0.5
KP451 Advanced Biomechanics 0.5
KP463 Human Motor & Perceptuomotor Disorders 0.5
KP464 Movement Disorders & Clinical Aspects of Neural Control 0.5
KP471 Adapted Physical Activity for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities 0.5
KP490 Thesis 1.0