Wilfrid Laurier University Undergraduate Academic Calendar - 2005/2006
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Academic Advisor: Heather Bouillon, (519) 756-8228, ext. 5720, hbouillon@wlu.ca
The Honours BA program and minor in Journalism are only available at the Brantford campus.

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JN Course Notes

The following JN courses are only available at the Brantford campus.

Web Courses

Students at Laurier Brantford may take web courses available through Laurier's office of Part-Time, Distance and Continuing Education. For course descriptions and a listing of available courses, consult the Part-Time, Distance and Continuing Education Calendar.

Course Offerings
Course # Title Credits
JN101 Reporting and Writing I 0.5
JN201 Reporting and Writing II 0.5
JN202 Navigating Public Structures of Law and Governance I 0.5
JN203 Navigating Public Structures of Law and Governance II 0.5
JN204 Journalism Law and Ethics 0.5
JN205 Sports Journalism 0.5
JN206 The Margin and the Mainstream 0.5
JN222 Navigating the Information Environment 0.5
JN226 The Media in a Global World 0.5
JN227 Social Documentary 0.5
JN228 Photojournalism: The Captured Image 0.5
JN229 Journalism, the Internet and Emerging Media 0.5
JN250 Introductory Skills: Print Journalism 0.5
JN251 Introductory Skills: Broadcast Journalism 0.5
JN252 Introductory Skills: New Media Journalism 0.5
JN253 Introductory Skills: Public Relations 0.5
JN261 News photography 0.5
JN290 Special Topics in Journalism 0.5
JN303 Public Journalism and Social Advocacy 0.5
JN304 Issues in Professional Practice 0.5
JN310 Intermediate Interviewing and Reporting Skills 0.5
JN311 Crime, Media and the Law 0.5
JN312 Advanced Writing and Copy-editing 0.5
JN340 Long Form Journalism: Print 0.5
JN400 Journalism Theory and Criticism 0.5
JN406 Critical Topics in Public Opinion 0.5
JN407 Advanced Issues in Contemporary Journalism 0.5
JN423 Journalism Project 1.0
JN499 Professional Practicum 0.5