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Exam Policies

The following is a list of some important Accessible Learning Centre and university exam policies. It is important for students who write their exams through the ALC to be aware of these expectations.




·         Students are expected to know and follow the deadlines for exam booking. Accommodations are not guaranteed to students who submit booking forms after the posted deadline(s).




·         Students must contact their Consultant about any exam changes needed that are the result of disability-related barriers (e.g. spacing of exams) or an exam conflict.




·         Evening exams may start earlier than the class start time if a student’s extra time  would cause them to be writing past 10:30 p.m.

·         If you are scheduled to write before the rest of your class begins the exam, university policy requires that you stay in the room until 30 minutes after the class has started writing. Failure to comply with this university policy will result in an integrity violation report to the Faculty.




·         If you arrive late to your exam (e.g. within 30 minutes) you will be permitted to write but you will not be granted additional time at the end of the exam. If your late arrival is beyond 30 minutes, you will not be permitted to write.




·         Students are expected to write their examinations in an honest and straightforward manner. Any irregularities will be documented and reported. Where there are reasonable grounds for believing a violation of exam protocol has occurred, the candidate will be subject to the disciplinary procedures and sanctions according to the university academic calendar.




·         If you will not be writing an exam that you have booked with us (dropped course, sick, decided to write with class), complete an online cancellation form as soon as possible. Failure to write a booked exam without notifying the ALC 48 hours in advance will result in a $50 fine.




·         If you are ill on the day of a test, quiz, in-class essay, midterm or final exam that you have booked to write with us, you must obtain a medical note (dated the day of the exam) from Health Services or your family physician). Inform your instructor you will not be writing and notify the ALC of your illness.

·         Should you become ill during an exam, inform the proctor. If you are unsure about your health before you begin an exam, DO NOT open the exam envelope.

·         Students are responsible for following university procedures regarding rescheduling missed exams.




·         Students are expected to be respectful to the proctors and to the other students writing in the exam room. Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. Students are subject to disciplinary procedures and sanctions described in the university academic calendar.

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